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Armored Core 6 : Les meilleures constructions pour bien débuter

Best Early Armored Core 6 Build – Matériel Gamer

Best Early Armored Core 6 Build

Building the perfect AC is one of the main features of Armored Core 6.

However, one mech setup might not always be the best at solving a given situation, and players will have to adapt their builds in order to get the advantage they need to win.



Despite the focus on experimentation, Armored Core 6 still has one very particular setup that is very effective at the early stages of the game.

With enough mech pilot mastery, players can even take this well into NG+ and beyond and still find success.

Here’s a quick look at what it is and how to use it.

Best Early Armored Core 6 Build

Out of all the weapons available to players early in the game, the Zimmerman Shotgun and Songbirds Grenade Launcher are arguably the most powerful.

Players can wield two of each of these weapons and absolutely steamroll through almost every mission in the game.

They aren’t the best answers to every problem, but they’re versatile enough to be effective against most things to some degree.

The Zimmerman is capable of blasting through AP and ACS in close quarters while still being decent in medium range, especially when paired with a mid-ranged FCS.

This weapon needs to be reloaded after every shot, but it’s a trade-off that’s more than worth it considering how strong the gun is.

Players can easily beat all Arena encounters (including S-rank ones) using two Zimmerman shotguns paired with heavy shoulder weapons.

The Songbirds, on the other hand, serve as the hammer for this setup.

Once the enemy’s ACS is broken, pummel them with twin cannon shots and watch their AP disappear.

This weapon is great against clumps of enemies, and it is especially devastating versus targets that are weak against Explosive damage like the Sea Spider.

Players are going to need a strong pair of legs in order to carry twin Songbirds.

The Spring Chicken Reverse Joint Legs are great for medium-heavy AC builds; they strike a balance between carrying capacity, AP, ACS stability, and mobility via the reverse joint archetype’s innate boost bonuses.

The LG-011 Melander legs are also great if players want a balanced build.

In theory, any AC build should be able to use the Zimmerman/Songbirds combo effectively.

It’s important to note that some leg types will outperform others in certain missions — tank treads excel in flat-terrain fighting, tetrapod legs specialize in midair combat, and reverse joint legs are best suited for agile pilots.

Pick whichever parts are capable of carrying preferred weapons, those that work best for a mission, or ones that complement personal playstyles.

A full sample build featuring the Zimmerman/Songbird combo will look like such:

  • Head: VP-44S
  • Core: 07-061 MIND ALPHA (Hunter Rank 5 reward)
  • Legs: RC-2000 SPRING CHICKEN
  • FCS: FCS-G2/PO5
  • Booster: ALULA/21E
  • Generator: VP-20C

Combined, these parts result in an AC with excellent survivability, good mobility, and a hit-and-run weapon setup that can destroy most other ACs in just a few combos.

Players should be able to get all these parts by the second chapter — anyone who wants to replicate a similar setup earlier in the game can use whichever parts come close to the stats shown in the image above.

It’s worth mentioning that for tank tread users, it’s hard to go wrong with dual miniguns and twin Songbirds.

When using a heavily-armored core setup, this loadout can let players face tank even Balteus’ missile barrages without dying or sacrificing DPS.

Experiment with different shoulder weapons like the VP-60LCS cannons to find a kit that works best against specific scenarios.

Armored Core 6 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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