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Ce que le DLC “Shattered Space” de Starfield pourrait apporter à l’univers du jeu

Article: Starfield’s upcoming story expansion DLC, Shattered Space


Starfield’s upcoming story expansion DLC, Shattered Space, is a source of anticipation for fans, as not much information is currently available about it. The “story expansion” description suggests that the adventures in the base game are not over yet, and the DLC may offer new content and experiences. Bethesda’s plans to support Starfield for “years” indicate that the base game and other updates may already address some improvements, leaving room for Shattered Space to focus on expanding the story and introducing new elements.


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Starfield.

Bethesda’s Announcement

Bethesda has already announced, through the Premium Edition of the game, that Starfield is going to be getting a story expansion DLC known as Shattered Space. Apart from the fact that those with said edition of the game will get access to it free of charge when it launches, not much else is known about it, even now that Starfield has launched for PC and Xbox Series X/S. With the base game out and being explored intensely by loyal players, Starfield fans are likely going to be eager for information about Shattered Space as soon as possible.

Possibilities for Shattered Space

As the only real concrete information known about Shattered Space is that it’s going to be a “story expansion,” there are almost endless possibilities as to what the DLC might contain. Bethesda is known for creating extra stories to go with their DLC, but the word “story expansion” seems to imply that the adventures that are possible in Starfield itself are not over yet. Understanding the base game helps paint an image as to how the base game may have only been the beginning, and recent trends with other Bethesda DLCs may paint a picture of what to expect as a whole.

What to Expect

Even though Shattered Space is currently lost in a void of no information, there are a few things that can be expected right out of the gate once it arrives. Firstly, it is likely going to bring in a number of improvements to Starfield with it, such as patching out glitches and balancing some weapons and armor, especially since Shattered Space will likely add new items of its own.

However, considering what Bethesda’s said about its plans for Starfield at large, other updates and patches should likely cover these bases already, as the developers plan to support the game for “years.” While some are likely to still be included, this gives Shattered Space more than enough room to deliver on its promises as a story expansion, which may seem rather exciting to some players. After all, the promises of more content to continue in the curious place that Starfield technically “ends on” opens a vast realm of opportunity.

Expanding Starfield’s Story

Currently, Starfield as fans know it doesn’t entirely have a concrete ending. Instead, it leaves players with an almost endlessly replayable playground as they can either complete the game’s side quests, or reset their playthrough by stepping into the Unity and entering the multiverse. Players receive rewards for experiencing this unique New Game Plus mode at least ten times, but the story teases consequences for abusing the power of the Artifacts.

Bethesda could easily go down a familiar road with Shattered Space that many fans might be familiar with, adding new areas or planets with overarching stories with their own endings that extend the overall playtime of the game at large. However, Starfield was entirely a brand-new frontier for Bethesda as it was, which means there’s plenty of room for even more ground-breaking changes to their usual DLC formula. While it’s completely up in the air what exactly Shattered Space will deal with, one thing is likely; it will focus on adding to Starfield’s story above all else. Whether that’s in the same way that previous Fallout expansions have done, or adding more events and consequences for Starfield’s multiverse, maybe even allowing players to meet the Creators, remains to be seen. There’s even room for Bethesda to take more than one approach, as talks from the company have seemed to imply Shattered Space won’t be the only expansion for the game coming.


Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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