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Comment changer de type de corps dans NBA 2K24

Changing Body Type in NBA 2K24 – Article

Changing Body Type in NBA 2K24


Whenever players create a character in NBA 2K24, they start with a slim, thin, lean body type. Unfortunately, players do not get the option to change body type right away, which may seem absurd, to say the least.

MyCareer Customization

MyCareer in NBA 2K24 allows players to modify their character’s appearance, such as weight, height, facial features, etc. Players can choose from three different body types, but they are not available immediately. Keeping this in mind, this guide will illustrate how players can change body type in NBA 2K24 along with other helpful tidbits.

Changing Body Type in NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 has many customization options for players who want to create a character in MyCareer. Apart from the physical characteristics mentioned above, players can also choose imperfections, skills, and more. While NBA 2K24 has so much to offer, it does not allow players to change their body type until they put in some effort.

Players who want to change their body type must create a character and start a career. Once they start a career, they must ensure their character hits the gym more often. To do so, players can visit the Gatorade Gym in the city. Completing exercises while working out at the Gatorade Gym will increase their effectiveness. With each exercise, the character will start progressing and unlock Stars and Badges. After equipping Badges, players can upgrade each workout that is completed. However, players can still try different workouts without equipping Badges. It is worth noting that acquiring three stars or more across five workouts will reward the player with an additional turbo meter. Getting 50 stars will give players access to the second body type and after 100 stars, the third body type.

Players can access all three body types from the Appearance menu. Players performance will directly affect how quickly they acquire stars. After performing all exercises and unlocking the three body types, players can change their character’s appearance at any time. The selected body type will affect in-game performance.

Unlocking the three different body types from the Gatorade Gym may seem like a grind, but it gives players complete control over the character they want to create to live out their fantasies.


NBA 2K24 is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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