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Disney Dreamlight Valley : Comment obtenir des bananes

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Collecting and Using Bananas


Created by Gameloft, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a beautiful life sim that lets players befriend some of the most iconic Disney and Pixar characters and explore a magical world with them. As players progress through the game, they can cook delicious meals, find lost items, build houses for characters, and grow a variety of crops.

Collecting Bananas

Disney Dreamlight Valley has lots of fruits that players can collect and use as ingredients for many recipes. Cooking is a crucial activity in the game, as players can sell meals to earn Star Coins and restore their Energy. Here’s how players can acquire Bananas in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what they are used for.

Where to Get Bananas

Like most fruits in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Bananas are also native to specific biomes. To get Bananas, players will have to make their way to Peaceful Meadow or Dazzle Beach. Unlocking Dazzle Beach requires players to spend 1,000 Dreamlight as the path is blocked by giant night thorns. Peaceful Meadow, on the other hand, is unlocked by default, which means beginners can also go there and get their hands on Bananas pretty early in the game.

Once there, players will have to locate Banana trees and pick Bananas from them. With each harvest, they will get three bananas in total and will have to wait another 23 minutes for the fruits to regrow. Players can bring along a character with the Foraging role to get more Bananas on a single trip. Luckily, Disney Dreamlight Valley now allows players to change the villager roles. For further convenience, they can move these trees to any unlocked region using the Furniture mode.

Using Bananas

Banana is an important ingredient used to prepare a variety of desserts in Disney Dreamlight Valley. In addition, players will also need it to craft an item. Here are some of those recipes that use Bananas:

  • Banana Split: Banana, Milk, Slush Ice, Sugarcane, any Sweets
  • Banana Ice Cream: Banana, Slush Ice, Milk, Sugarcane
  • Banana Pie: Banana, Wheat, Butter
  • Foraging Training Manual: 30 Bananas, 20 Blueberries, 10 Basil, 5,000 Dreamlight

Bananas can be sold at Goofy’s Stalls for 29 Star Coins and can replenish 350 Energy, which is important for performing various activities like mining, digging, and fishing.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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