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Fae Farm : Comment cuisiner et fondre

Many of the actions players can take in Fae Farm use up energy. Green balls of electricity can be seen in town and touched to restore some energy, but the most consistent way to stay energized in the mines is to cook and eat hearty meals. It’s also important to upgrade tools to be more efficient; less energy is wasted when the obstacles are cleared faster.


Cooking and smelting are heavily encouraged by the game, but with so many things to do in the content-rich land of Azoria, the steps to begin these activities can easily slip players’ minds. This guide will help Fae Farm players set up their cooking and smelting stations, and explain the ways they work.

How To Cook in Fae Farm

Cooking is done through several crafting stations, but the first one players have access to is the cooking fire. It’s fairly simple to make, crafted with 10 Stone and 5 Beech Logs. Players can use this station to craft simple energy-restoring food, with the later cooking hearth (crafted with 2 Beech Lumber, 3 Stone Brick, 3 Clay Brick, and 2 Copper Ingot) offering recipes that restore more energy and provide skill-increasing buffs.

To cook, players need to have something edible in their inventory. These items usually have a green lightning bolt on their icon to show their edible status, but this isn’t always the case; fish can be cooked but do not display this symbol. By interacting with their cooking fire, players can select an item to prepare. The chosen item will cook over the course of several seconds, and players will know their food is ready when a small present appears by the fire.

Players aren’t limited with the things they can cook; every fish they catch, mushroom they forage, and egg they collect can be thrown onto the cooking station to create a hearty meal. The game’s tutorial mentions these being a great source of money, but they’re arguably best used as energy restoratives to venture deeper into the game’s mines and dungeons where the real profit margins – gems and metals – can be found.

How To Smelt in Fae Farm

Smelting is an important feature of Fae Farm, providing a way for players to upgrade their tools and create new, exciting crafting stations. This is first done with a stone forge that players can craft for 25 Stone and 10 Coal, both resources that are plentiful in the Saltwater Mines that players unlock halfway through Chapter 3. It’s important to stock up on coal in these mines, too, as it can quickly run out as players start smelting their loot.

This is done in a manner similar to cooking; by interacting with the forge, players can select an item to begin smelting (usually requiring 2 coal and 10 ore or other prerequisite material) and select the ‘craft’ option to begin the smelting process. Just like cooking, when the item is ready, players will notice a small gift next to their forge, showing that it is ready for collection.

Fae Farm is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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