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Les 5 meilleures pistolets dans Starfield

Small pistols remain very powerful in the hands of a skilled shooter in Starfield, and they can easily compete with much of the game’s bigger guns in terms of sheer effectiveness. While most of the choices in this category lack the range of long guns or the rate of fire of assault rifles, they more than make up for these with their low weight and reliable damage output.


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Like the rest of Starfield’s guns, not all pistols are built the same. Some are much stronger than the common variety wielded by everyone else, and players are going to need every advantage they can get if they want to get to the bottom of the universe’s biggest secret. Here’s where to find some of the best unique pistols found so far.


Magshot pistols are already very strong by default, but the Keelhauler cranks everything up to 11. This gun fires the powerful .43 MI Array pistol round at a blistering fire rate supported by the Berserker effect, which increases the weapon’s damage based on how little armor the user is wearing. Players can get the Keelhauler for free by completing the Deep Cover quest, which is part of the bigger story between the UC SysDef and the Crimson Fleet.


This unique Eon pistol is an excellent pick for anyone who’s just started their journey. It has the rare Radioactive effect, which has a chance to deal bonus Radioactive damage and demoralize anything it hits. Also, it deals extra energy damage on top of its base physical damage, making it a tad bit stronger against heavily armored opponents. Radburn can be found in the Tau Gourmet facility on Tau Ceti II. Head to the area with the blue shipping containers at the back of the facility. Radburn can be found in a small weapon case in one of the containers.


The Ambassador is a fully-kitted Regulator pistol built for maximum DPS. It can shred through multiple targets at once thanks to its High Powered and Penetrator Rounds mods. Meanwhile, the pre-installed Extended Barrel and Binary Trigger mods make the Ambassador effective in both close and medium ranges. Players can get this magnum pistol by blackmailing Ambassador Radcliff during the Friends Like These quest in the UC Vanguard quest line.


Much like the Keelhauler, Trickshot is a devastating Magshot variant that shoots two rounds on every fourth shot at the cost of just one bullet. This effect is essentially the same as landing a critical hit, except it can also critically hit. Install a full-auto trigger mod into this thing and watch it slay. This weapon is obtainable during the UC Vanguard quest line. Once players reach the War Relics quest, they’ll be sent to the Mech Fields in Niira. Trickshot can be found in one of the mech husks in the construction quarry area.

The Prime

Players who prefer a more solid and harder-hitting magnum may want to get the Prime, a modified Razorback that’s optimized for sustained firefights in medium ranges. It comes with the High Velocity and Penetrator Rounds mods that respectively increase the weapon’s accuracy and range while making its bullets pass through targets. The built-in Elemental effect also gives this pistol a random chance to deal Corrosive, Poison, Radiation, or Incendiary damage. Sold in Laredo Firearms on Akila City for 19165 Credits. A free and fancier-looking alternative to this is Deadeye, another unique 7.5mm revolver given to players at the end of the Freestar Collective faction quest.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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