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Les jeux qui doivent encore sortir sur Switch avant l’arrivée de son successeur


The Switch’s time as Nintendo’s main console is ending

But there is still a good amount of time before a potential successor will launch.

In the meantime, fans of The Legend of Zelda series could possibly be treated to a new DLC and an HD collection of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess on the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Online could include Pokemon games, especially the iconic Red and Blue titles, to give fans a complete gaming experience.


The Nintendo Switch has been undoubtedly good to fans these past few years.

Since its launch in early 2017, the hybrid platform has released a steady supply of excellent titles, with something for nearly every type of gamer to enjoy.

For those who dig expansive open worlds, both Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 had them covered.

For platforming enthusiasts on Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey remains one of the best examples of the entire genre.

As great as this console has been, its time in the spotlight is nearing its end with persistent rumors that Nintendo’s next console will be released sometime next year.

This still leaves the Nintendo Switch with a good chunk of time as the company’s main system, and with at least another year before its successor potentially hits shelves, there will still need to be a lineup of games for players to stay busy.

Tears of the Kingdom DLC

Making its predecessor Breath of the Wild seem like a rough draft by comparison, nearly every square inch of Hyrule in the latest adventure from The Legend of Zelda series is littered with rewarding gameplay and things to discover.

That being said, as complete of an experience as this is, there is still room for more.

Breath of the Wild had its own dedicated DLC, for example, which explored characters and concepts teased within the main game.

Perhaps next summer, after the dust has settled and fans want to dive into Tears of the Kingdom again, Nintendo will have a brand new DLC waiting for them.

Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD Collection

Speaking of The Legend of Zelda, the two GameCube entries have been fan favorites to be ported onto Switch for years.

With Tears of the Kingdom in the rearview mirror, it may be wise for Nintendo to bundle these two classics together in an HD collection for fans.

After all, these games were ported to Wii U, with visual touch-ups and gameplay tweaks already completed.

With much of the leg work done, porting them over would give Switch fans a special treat while waiting for what’s next.

More Pokemon Games on Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online may have struggled out of the gate, but it has truly turned things around with a solid assortment of legacy games to enjoy.

These include landmark titles from NES, SNES, N64, and even GameBoy libraries, with something for fans of all franchises to play.

Still, there are a few notable omissions, among them being games from the Pokemon series.

Pokemon Red and Blue are responsible for putting the franchise on the map, and both old and new fans would surely appreciate being able to experience these landmark titles.

Metroid Prime 4, Ports of 2 and 3

Metroid Prime 4 is the elephant in the room when it comes to Nintendo’s upcoming releases.

First teased way back in 2017 after the Switch was barely a few months old, it has since restarted production in 2019 and gone completely silent for years.

With Tears of the Kingdom released, however, some fans believe that Nintendo may be positioning this long-anticipated game to be the final swan song for the console.

Furthermore, with Metroid Prime having been ported to Switch earlier this year, it wouldn’t be a stretch to expect the second and third games at some point in the coming months as well.

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