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Les mensonges de l’ennemi et les designs des boss de P’s mêlent habilement fantaisie et inquiétude

Highlights Lies of P – Article


Lies of P showcases a great variety of enemy designs in different regions, emphasizing the importance of boss design for immersion in a Soulslike game.

The enemy art direction in Lies of P is unpredictable, with any enemy potentially having a wild attack pattern based on their design alone. The game features impressive ingenuity in its enemy designs, with puppets possessing a range of attacks and abilities, creating unique and challenging encounters for players.


One of the more fascinating details of any Soulslike game is what its enemy and boss designs will be like. From either a gameplay or art style perspective, these designs are pedestaled atop fans’ expectations almost solely based on the fact that engaging these enemies in combat is what these games revolve around. Enemy variety is consequently important in each explorable region, and how they look or behave can be crucial to that Soulslike game’s immersion, such as if their AI is inconsistent.

By now, many fans of Lies of P have seen several areas and the enemies that inhabit them.

Enemy placement in an area is as important to consider as the type of enemies there, for instance, and Lies of P’s Rosa Isabelle Street has shown precisely how precarious traversing these regions can be. Players will have to maneuver enemies who spray flames and lob their top hats before an enormous clown trudges forth to dish out spinning haymakers. Like with any Soulslike game, players will begin to acknowledge particular enemy types and adapt to their attacks, but the enemy art direction in Lies of P is such that any enemy could have a wildly unpredictable attack pattern based on their design alone.

Lies of P’s Unpredictable Enemy Designs Stand Out

Knowing that nearly all Lies of P’s enemies are automatons of some kind helps to reinforce the premise that they can possess any range of attacks and abilities engineered into their constructed anatomies. The striped clown from Rosa Isabelle Street might not immediately look like it has ranged capabilities, for example. But get enough distance from it, and it will begin spinning its balled fist in preparation to launch it at the player on a retractable spring and proceed to laugh maniacally afterward.

This is no different from players’ experiences in any Soulslike game, let alone a FromSoftware game like Elden Ring, where a first playthrough is filled with incredible moments of exploration when players aren’t sure what lies behind any corner of any passageway.

Slowly pressing open giant double doors is a loading screen tactic adopted in Lies of P as well, and each time players do, they will know they are in for a treat on the other side. These small discoveries usually manifest in the form of a new scenic region to trek. One of Lies of P’s gameplay presentations shows a grand white-and-red interior with multiple luxurious floors to traverse, and the player is instantly met by young puppet enemies that seem like they cannot be put down if a creepy marionette spider enemy is nearby.

Lies of P Bridges a Gap Between Era-Specific Sci-Fi and Eccentric Horror

The Lorenzini Arcade gameplay presentation then shows how puppet enemies don’t necessarily need all of their body parts to function, making lopping off arms or heads satisfying when engaged in one-on-one encounters. However, the same gameplay also has monstrosities that don’t appear to have any mechanism or robotic designs, which likely plays into the full lore and narrative of what’s going on in Lies of P’s Krat.

Of course, there is also the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, who has been teased and shown a bit beforehand, but not much else is known or has been seen about them since. Many of the bosses fans have seen from Lies of P thus far are gigantic and menacing, revealing an epic scale to each of them that will make them as cinematically appealing as they are difficult in combat. And it’ll likely apply in brand-new ways here.

It will be interesting to see what players have access to in terms of abilities, gear, and weapons after the opening hours that they’ve seen now from the demo, and it may be in players’ best interests to experiment with weaponry that some enemies might be weak to. But no matter what form enemies take, Lies of P has already achieved something extraordinary with how bosses and regular enemies are designed, giving players a lot to consider in terms of how they want to approach each one.

Lies of P launches on September 19 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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