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Marvel Snap : Le meilleur deck de Loki

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Along with the September 2023 Season Pass (Loki For All Time) in Marvel Snap

Loki was unveiled as the season’s featured card that any player could instantly obtain by purchasing the Premium Pass. Other cards would be introduced over time with the Loki For All Time Season, but Loki’s card stood out from the rest.



Loki’s Abilities

Loki is a 3-Cost card, putting him in the middle of strategic gameplay in a Marvel Snap match. Loki also has a significant 5 Power, making him worthy of providing Power to a location to achieve victory. Finally, Loki’s On Reveal ability replaces the player’s hand with the opponent’s starting hand and lowers the cards’ Costs by 1 Energy.

The Best Deck For Loki In Marvel Snap

Loki is a flexible card that can fit in well with decks in general. However, Loki players will want to stay away from any decks that are specific to a card or ability, such as destruction cards.

Filing it down, Loki fits incredibly well into a Collector deck, and not just any Collector deck. In this Collector deck, cards are chosen specific to The Collector and Loki, weaving a combination of synergistic allies known to be the Loki Collector.

Card Cost Power
Kitty Pryde 1 2
Quinjet 1 2
Snowguard 1 2
Angela 2 0
Mirage 2 2
The Collector 2 2
Armor 2 3
Agent Coulson 3 4
Loki 3 5
Moon Girl 4 4
Devil Dinosaur 5 3
America Chavez 6 9

The Best Cards to Use in a Loki Deck

Seeing as Loki works familiarly with The Collector synergies (although he works great in some other decks), Loki works best with cards that benefit from his ability. There aren’t many brilliant synergies with Loki in Marvel Snap, but there are still other excellent cards that prove worthy alongside Loki.

The most obvious is The Collector. The Collector benefits from cards entering the player’s hand that aren’t from drawing from the deck.

The Best Counters For Loki

Loki is a relatively easy card to counter, as well as an easy deck to counter, should the opponent be focused entirely on The Collector and Loki. Off the bat, control cards are arguably the most amazing characters to use in terms of stopping a Loki-themed deck, especially when the latter is paired up with Collector-esque synergistic cards like Devil Dinosaur.

This makes Cosmo and Mobius M. Mobius exceptional counters for Loki. Cosmo’s Ongoing ability stops On Reveal abilities entirely, either scaring away opponents from a location or stopping Loki from using his ability. Mobius M. Mobius prevents an opponent’s cards from have their Costs reduced, meaning Loki can’t lower the Energy Costs of cards.

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