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Pokemon Écarlate et Violet – Le DLC du Masque Teal : Comment revenir à Paldea

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The main story of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet takes place in Paldea

The main story of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet takes place in Paldea, but the same can not be said of the games’ DLC. The Teal Mask expansion sees players travel over to Kitakami: a new area that is home to the Blueberry Academy and various new and returning Pokemon for players to catch and train.



Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – The Teal Mask DLC: Can You Partner with Carmine Instead of Kieran?

Although the DLC is relatively short when compared to the main campaign, some players may want to return to Paldea before they’ve completed it. Thankfully, there is a way to change maps in the Teal Mask DLC, though Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players will need to reach a certain point in the story before being able to do so.

How to Return to Paldea in the Teal Mask DLC

Players will unlock the ability to change maps shortly after starting the Teal Mask DLC. They’ll need to progress as far as Mossui Town and then sleep at the community center there, which leads to a battle with a young Blueberry Academy trainer named Kieran. Once they’ve beaten Kieran and been partnered up with him, players will then be free to explore the town. It’s at this point that the map screen will pop up automatically, letting players know that it’s now possible to change maps.

As per the explainer, to return to Paldea, players will simply need to pull up the map screen by pressing the Y button and then use the L and R buttons to cycle between the maps of Paldea and Kitakami. As in the base version of the game, players will be able to fly to any location that has a Pokeball symbol with a feather mark next to it. They should already have quite a few of these unlocked in Paldea, though to begin with, the only one they’ll have access to in Kitakami is the Community Center.

How Big is the Kitakami map in the Teal Mask DLC?

Kitakami is relatively small when compared to Paldea, but still large enough to feel worthwhile. Players will be given a decent amount of space to explore, wherein they’ll find plenty of new Pokemon to add to their collections. The Kitakami region is thought to be based on Japan’s Iwate prefecture, and this is reflected by the serene nature of Mossui Town and the Japanese architecture that can be found there.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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