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Starfield : Comment obtenir de l’adhésif

Crafting items and building outposts in Starfield

Crafting items and building outposts are both resource-intensive activities, and Starfield players are always going to want to have more than enough raw materials for when they feel the need to create. Some resources are fairly common, but others are a bit more difficult to find.



Where to Get Adhesive in Starfield

Even in the technologically advanced universe of Starfield, simple adhesives are still in high demand when it comes to construction projects. However, simply gathering bottles of glue and rolls of flex tape isn’t enough this time around, and players are going to need to put a bit more effort when it comes to stockpiling this resource.

Adhesives are considered organic materials, and they can usually be found as raw resources from plants. Instead of the usual Fallout 4 method of looting office supplies, players will need to scan planetary flora in hopes of finding ones that have adhesives. There’s no sure way to pinpoint a planet that has such plants, given Starfield’s procedural generation. Every playthrough is different as far as exploration is concerned, so a player’s best bet is to bring up their scanner and start analyzing.

Before landing on a planet, make sure to pay attention to the flora density displayed on the ship scanner. If there aren’t any plants at all, it’s best to go elsewhere.

Fully analyzing a plant will show what materials they yield as well as the environments they thrive in, giving players a better idea of the types of planets they’ll want to look out for in the future.

A more reliable way to get adhesive is by simply buying them from vendors. Much like other Bethesda games, merchant inventories in Starfield reset after some time. Pick a general goods vendor like Outland in New Atlantis, buy their entire stock of adhesives, then find a bed or chair to rest on. Press the Wait or Sleep button that appears on the screen and set the bar to 24 local hours just to be sure.

Packs of adhesive can sometimes be looted from dead human enemies, though this happens very rarely. They can typically be found on the corpses of legendary enemies, so be sure to check them. When engaged in a ship battle, try to dock the last enemy vessel and check their storage containers and cargo holds for some extra resources.

Storage chests may also contain adhesives, but just like above, this is a fairly rare occurrence. Looting adhesives from random containers isn’t exactly reliable, but at least players have a chance at getting useful loot like guns, ammo, armor, and other crafting materials.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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