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Starfield : Guide complet de la grande aventure spatiale

Article – Spoiler Warning!!!

Spoiler Warning!!!

This guide contains major spoilers for the ending of Starfield!



Everything players will experience in Starfield’s main story leads to a specific moment in “One Giant Leap.” After the relentless combat of “Revelation,” players will find themselves using the final pieces of the story-long puzzle presented by the Artifacts, and entering Starfield’s final setting, which is a much more peaceful experience. Here, the player will face the final decision of the game.

“One Giant Leap” – Mission Overview

“One Giant Leap” is a very simple mission, but it offers players much to think about. In this way, it acts as a perfect capstone to the story Bethesda is trying to tell. This guide will walk players through the process of creating the Armillary, reaching the Unity, and deciding which path to take when the time comes.

How to Start “One Giant Leap” in Starfield

“One Giant Leap” follows immediately after Starfield’s penultimate mission, “Revelation.” There is not really any time between the end of one and the beginning of the other. As soon as the player emerges from the Buried Temple, they will receive the mission rewards from “Revelation” and begin “One Giant Step” immediately.

How to Reach the Unity in Starfield

Before anything else, players should make a save point at the start of this mission. There will be a decision to be made later that will have serious consequences for the player’s current universe. It may be wise to have the option of returning to this point.

The Unity is everything the player has been heading toward in Starfield. Earlier in the game, the player will begin to build the Armillary in their chosen destination. If players built it on their ship, then they will be ready to take the next step. If players built the Armillary off the ship, at an outpost of their choice, then they will have to retrieve the Artifacts to continue.

Once players have all the pieces of the Artifacts, they will have the option to build the complete Armillary on their ship. When this is done, there will be a text notification that pops up telling them that their next Grav Jump Key Mission Objective: Build the Armillary on Your Ship Optional Mission Objective: Talk to Your Friends Before You Leave

Players will have the option to speak with each member of Constellation before they leave. And it is important to remember, each member of Constellation that is on board your ship when the player leaves will technically be heading to the Unity. This will come into play later if certain options are met.

To build the Armillary, head to the appropriate section in the ship. The location of the panel is different for each ship, though it is usually in the cockpit. Look for a small screen with an image of the Artifacts swirling around. Approach this area and interact with the screen. If the player has already built the Armillary on their ship, there will be the option to ‘Add Artifacts.’ If they are building it for the first time, they will see the option ‘Build Armillary.’

Once the Armillary is built, a message will pop up explaining how the jump to the Unity will work. All it will take is a single Grav Jump with the Armillary built. Once the Armillary is built, initiating a single Grav Jump will take the player to the Unity. If players wish to wait, simply break down the Armillary and conclude any business, then rebuild when ready to leave.

Visiting the Unity

The moment players power up the Grav Drive, they will begin their jump to the Unity. During this prolonged pulling of space, the Armillary is clearly seen atop the ship, guiding the player to their ultimate destination. Upon arrival, players will find a familiar face waiting for them.

As the universe gathers around, players will come face to face with themselves – or their character at least – and have the opportunity to discuss the nature of the Unity, what it means to be Starborn, and what their options truly are. There will be a wide range of topics the player can broach, which is better left unwritten here. Ultimately, Starfield – and the Unity itself – gives players two options: forward, into the heart of the Unity, and onto a new universe, or back to the universe the player comes from. This can be a difficult choice, and players should think hard about what they want to do. The Unity itself will give players a brief glimpse into what will happen to the universe the player will leave behind, should they choose to leave.

Once players enter the Unity, there will be a brief cutscene, and the credits will roll. This will eventually lead into Starfield’s New Game Plus experience, which the specifics of should be seen by players themselves. The only thing to remember is that nothing will come along except skills and XP. So, if players feel as if they still have things to accomplish in the universe they are in, it is better to leave the Unity, then rebuild the Armillary when they are truly ready to move on.

“One Giant Leap” – The End of Starfield’s Main Story

“One Giant Leap” marks the end of Starfield’s main story, but it is not close to all the game has to offer. Continue to explore, Starborn, there is much more to see. Starfield is available now on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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