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Starfield : Guide pas à pas de la mission ‘La Gentillesse des Inconnus’

Article: Starfield – The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers

The main storyline is just a fraction of what Starfield has to offer its fans. In this game, gamers are incentivized to explore as many locations as possible, complete seemingly meaningless activities, and engage with characters that they find in settlements. These tasks will either surprise the player with useful experience points or credits, lead them to make unexpected discoveries, or even provide some obscure detail about their favorite characters.



This article will guide players through The Kindness of Strangers mission in Starfield, which gamers can obtain by talking to Andy Singh at the House of the Enlightened.

The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers is actually the perfect mission to introduce players to The Well in New Atlantis, as it will take them to several of its prominent areas. Players will receive The Kindness of Strangers missions after talking to Andy Singh at the House of Enlightened and telling him they’re looking for work. They will be tasked with helping a fellow member who’s recovering at the Medical Bay. Singh asks the player to take Tahir home after taking him out for some food; he also asks the player not to reveal his involvement in this situation to prevent the man from feeling about receiving help.

Fans must then seek out Tahir Vala in the Medical Bay area, which is just behind Apex Electronics. He is quite easy to locate, as he can be found outside, sitting in a chair as he rests. Gamers will receive 4,300 credits just for accepting the job. They can then proceed with the mission however they would like.

How to Help Tahir Vala

Once gamers have located Tahir Vala, they can approach him and start a conversation with him. In order to keep their promise to Andy, gamers should introduce themselves as nothing more than a random friendly stranger and offer to take him home after stopping by Kay’s House, the restaurant on the other side of the tunnel next to the Medical Bay.

At Kay’s, gamers must order the Miso Soup; they won’t have to pay anything for it, as Andy Singh has already taken care of it. Players must then walk Tahir back to his place and hand over the soup. He lives near the soccer field, behind the Medical Bay. Since this mission is short and sweet, it’s definitely worth doing; gamers will receive some well-deserved cash and XP for taking a few minutes of their time to help someone in need.

Starfield now available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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