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Story of Seasons: Une Vie Merveilleuse – Comment Obtenir et Faire Éclore des Œufs Fécondés

How to Get Fertilized Eggs – Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

How to Get Fertilized Eggs

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is a modern remake of a Harvest Moon farming simulator first released in 2003. Players can enjoy planting crops, raising animals, and starting a family in A Wonderful Life. They can breed their animals and birds to save money as they grow their farm.



Chickens and Fertilized Eggs

Chickens are much cheaper to acquire than sheep and cows, and they will lay eggs daily, which can be used to cook or sell. Players can also get fertilized eggs from their chickens. Fertilized eggs are more valuable and will result in a chick if appropriately hatched.

How to Get Fertilized Eggs

Selling eggs is an easy and consistent way to make money. Hens will lay eggs once or twice daily when fed and happy. Players can buy hens, roosters, and Bird Feed from the farm Ledger, which will be delivered the following day. There are three kinds of eggs that a hen may lay:

  • White Eggs
  • Gold Eggs
  • Fertilized Eggs

Players can collect eggs by lifting their hens off the ground where they are nesting on them. They can give them a quick snuggle before setting them back down to get closer to them. White eggs are regular, unfertilized eggs and are the most common for hens to produce. Gold eggs are rarer and can be sold for 500G each, but hens will only lay them if their relationship meter is high enough. Fertilized Eggs are pinkish in hue, and hens will only lay one if there is a Rooster in the coop. Fertilized eggs are very uncommon, but if players have multiple hens and roosters, they’re likely to find them more often. They can be cooked into a meal, sold for 150G, or hatched if players want another chicken.

How to Hatch Fertilized Eggs

Players can hatch fertilized eggs by putting them in the coop incubation stations. To place the egg, pick it up and interact with the incubation station while holding it. The egg will hatch in a couple of days, and players can find out the gender of their new chick and pick a name.

The starter coop has space for one incubation station in the top left corner. Players can upgrade their coop to hold more chickens and have an additional incubation station. The coop upgrade is 100,000G, so players must save up. When it’s ready, Takakura will give players a tour. Since hens are the only chickens that can lay eggs, getting rid of any extra roosters to make room for hens will be beneficial. Players can get rid of animals by selling them at the farm Ledger.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is now available for PC, PS5, Switch, and Xbox Series X/S.

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