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Baldur’s Gate 3 : Faut-il libérer Dolly Dolly Dolly (la Pixie) ?

Article: Baldur’s Gate 3 – La lampe de Dolly Dolly Dolly

Players will spend a large portion of Act One in Baldur’s Gate 3 searching for a way to navigate the darkness in Act Two

Reithwin Town has a special kind of piercing darkness that even ordinary lanterns and torches won’t be able to hold up to. So when players are given a special lamp that actually can pierce this deadly gloom, they’ll likely want to keep this treasured item.



Releasing Dolly Dolly Dolly?

It is highly recommended to release Dolly Dolly Dolly for any type of campaign playthrough. Freeing Dolly Dolly Dolly will give the party an item that buffs the party and makes everyone immune to the darkness. Once buffed, characters do not have to stay close to the item holder. Nobody will need to carry the lantern anymore.

Although evil characters might want to keep Dolly Dolly Dolly enslaved, there is very little practical reason to do so.

Ideally, the character in the lead needs to carry this lantern and this takes up an equipment slot. It also forces teams with the best party composition to stay close together, ruining the best opportunities for stealth-based attackers. The convenience of being able to press a button and instantly make the whole party at any distance immune is as powerful as it sounds, essentially eliminating the darkness as a threat for the remainder of the game. It takes a while to beat the game, don’t get held up by trying to deal with the lantern throughout this section.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now for PC. The PlayStation 5 version will be available on September 6th, 2023. A version for Xbox Series X/S is still in development.

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