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Emplacements des coffres d’Aurum Alley dans Honkai: Star Rail

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With the release of Honkai: Star Rail’s version 1.3 update, players have been introduced to new characters, new events, and much more.

Another addition in this patch is a new location within The Xianzhou Luofu known as Aurum Alley, which players will visit while following the latest added chapter of the Trailblazer’s journey.


In Honkai: Star Rail, higher rarity chests are typically associated with puzzles or defeating stronger enemies. However, in Aurum Alley, there are only seven Basic Treasures in total, all of which are relatively easy to locate.

By following the route below, players can quickly discover all the chests, with none of them being inaccessible due to further story progression or locked areas.

All Chest Locations In Aurum Valley

Players can easily locate the positions of all chests using the map provided above, which is also marked with the same route order as shown in the video below:

Chest #1

Head west from the first Space Anchor upon entering Aurum Alley. The chest is situated just above the short stairs near the two pillars.

Chest #2

From this location, head north towards the first merchant, then turn onto the left path, passing by Yancui, one of the NPCs encountered during the “Obsequies Performed, A Long Road Ahead” quest. Continue following this path, and you will find the chest right ahead, beside an NPC.

Chest #3

Continue following the same path to the right, which will lead you back to the main street. The chest will be clearly visible, situated on the side wall of a shop in the area.

Chest #4

From this location, turn north and proceed to the wider path ahead. The chest will become visible after ascending the short stairs right next to a lamp post. While in this area, also interact with the nearby Courier Package and choose the “Give back to the child” option to receive one Praise of High Moral.

Chest #5

From the previous chest, instead of following the stairs on north, turn east and climb those stairs instead. A short distance ahead, following this straight path, the chest will come into view on the right side, at the corner of the road. Players who have previously unlocked the second Space Anchor can also head up north from it to find this chest.

Chest #6

After collecting the fifth chest, players simply need to head east toward the narrower road instead of heading toward the Space Anchor. This chest will be right after descending the short stairs on the corner to the players’ left side.

Chest #7

The last chest is located at the far eastern end of the path on the map, just after the stairs. To reach it, players can either follow the path south, then turn left and slightly right to find the chest on the corner just before the stairs. Alternatively, they can go straight ahead to the east from the nearby Space Anchor to reach the same spot.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now for PC and mobile devices, with a PS5 version launching in Q4 2023.

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