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Overwatch 2 a une opportunité en or pour résoudre un problème commun des services en direct

Article: Highlights Overwatch 2’s live service format

Highlights Overwatch 2’s live service format


Overwatch 2 has fully embraced the live service format, which has had a noticeable impact on the hero shooter. The game now follows a seasonal format that brings consistent content releases and battle passes. However, there have been highs and lows in terms of content drops. Season 5 was a low point, while Season 6 has been the best so far. To avoid content droughts, Blizzard has introduced PvE missions to Overwatch 2, providing more appeal during hero-free seasons.

Content Drops and Seasons in Live Service Games

Overwatch 2 is not the only game to have seasons that feel like filler and lack content compared to others. Diablo 4’s first season, for example, has been controversial as Blizzard has focused on bug fixes and balancing rather than new content. Call of Duty is also consistently criticized for weak seasons, with certain modes suffering from a lack of content. Fortunately, Overwatch 2’s addition of PvE missions adds a new layer to the game and ensures that even “off” seasons are filled with content.

Avoiding Content Droughts

Overwatch 2 has a predictable formula for its PvP content. Heroes are released every other season, and in seasons without a new hero, a new map is added. However, this structure is not perfect. Heroes are the biggest draw for players, so seasons without them receive the most complaints. While new maps provide some content, they don’t have the same longevity as new heroes. To make hero-less seasons more appealing, Blizzard should focus on improving the PvE mode.

The Role of PvE Mode

Blizzard has stated that fans will have to wait until 2024 for more story missions, as they are taking feedback about Invasion into consideration. However, once the issues with repetition and lack of replayability are fixed, Blizzard can start releasing missions more frequently. Ideally, Overwatch 2’s “off” season could be the new home for story mission releases. This would provide more consistency and help avoid weak seasons. Additionally, Blizzard could release new story missions alongside a fresh PvP map, spreading out the content instead of dropping it all at once.

Avoiding Seasonal Content Drops

While it was nice to have a big content drop with Invasion, it is not worth having mostly dead seasons just to release a hero, mode, and PvE content all at once. A hero is enough to make a season interesting on its own. Seasons without new heroes can benefit from focusing on other content types, such as new PvE missions alongside a PvP map. By doing so, Overwatch 2 can avoid content droughts and find its groove as a live service title.


Overwatch 2 has fully embraced the live service format, with consistent content releases and a seasonal structure. However, to avoid weak seasons and content droughts, Blizzard should focus on improving the PvE mode and releasing story missions more frequently. By ensuring that even hero-less seasons are filled with content, Overwatch 2 can continue to thrive as a live service game.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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