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Fae Farm : Comment changer le nom de sa ferme (et de son personnage)

Changer le nom de son domaine dans Fae Farm

The process of changing the homestead’s name in Fae Farm is a fairly simple one, especially when compared to the goose chase that players must embark on to change their character’s appearance. This guide will explain how players can change the name of their homestead, with some additional information on changing the name of their character or world in Fae Farm.



How to Change Homestead Name in Fae Farm

There’s no shame in a stray typo or second thoughts – players are forced to give their homestead a name as part of the Chapter 1 tutorial, but it can be changed at any time. By entering their home and approaching their bed, a context menu tells players to press ‘F’ on PC or ‘Y’ on Switch to access home options, with changing their homestead’s name included among them. The 10-character limit is quite restrictive, but having a specially named place to call their own will be worth it for most players. This doesn’t have a major impact on gameplay, as the map will always display the homestead’s name as ‘homestead,’ but this may change in a later update as some players are convinced that this is a bug.

How to Change Character Name in Fae Farm

There’s currently no option within the game for players to change or even really choose their character’s name. This has proven to be an annoyance for some players, as the game automatically names their characters after their Phoenix Labs account name or Steam / Epic Games / Switch account name if a Phoenix Labs account is not found. Players have options, however. By connecting their Steam, Epic Games, or Switch accounts to the Phoenix Labs website, players can change their Phoenix Labs account display name, which in turn changes the name of their character. It’s worth noting that this changes the name that players must search for to add their friends and begin co-op.

How to Change World Name in Fae Farm

Unlike character names, there’s sadly no option currently within or outside the game for players to change their world’s name. This may be rectified in a later update, but for the time being, the only option is to create a new world from scratch with a better name. It’s worth noting that the island within the game is always called Azoria, however, and that ‘world name’ is effectively just the name of that specific save file.

Fae Farm is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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