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Guide de l’événement “Palia: Maji Market”

Article: Quick Links When To Play And Where To Find The Maji Market In Palia

Quick Links When To Play And Where To Find The Maji Market In Palia

Palia’s Maji Market Quests And What To Do

Palia’s Market Chapaa Chase Event

Palia Maji Market Rewards

Palia’s Maji Market is the cozy life sim MMO’s first in-game community event. The Maji Market is a time-limited player event where a small area of Palia’s massive map transforms into a bustling night market with fireworks, food, and more.


Players with or without experience of MMO events in gaming may be curious to know how exactly the Maji Market works, what things there are to do, and what rewards are available for taking part. Some players may also wonder where to find the Maji Market across the sizable game realm.

When To Play And Where To Find The Maji Market In Palia

Palia’s Maji Market is available in the game’s open beta between August 29 to September 26, 2023. During this time, players can visit the market between 6 pm – 3 am in Palia time. Players can still go to the market outside these hours, but the stalls and festivities won’t become available until the market begins in the game’s time mechanism, where one day in Palia equates to one hour in real life.

Players can find the entrance to Palia’s Maji market on the southeast side of the Kilima Village map, just south of the Whispering Banks and east of Fisherman’s Lagoon. The entrance is also surrounded by decorations and posters, so it’s pretty hard to miss. However, if visiting the market for the first time, before venturing there it’s best that players check their mail at their farm plot to pick up the ‘The Maji Market’ quest from Major Kenli, asking players to visit the market. This way, players can tick off this quest at the same time.

Palia’s Maji Market Quests And What To Do

On arriving at Palia’s Maji Market, there are several NPC quests that players can encounter by speaking with Kenyatta, Delaila, Reth, Eshe. For instance, in Kenyatta’s Cravings, players must buy her food from Reth’s stall, ask Auni about the experimental fireworks before setting them off, and then catch five Chapaas to the Chapaa pen. To help players get around, all stalls are marked on the Maji Market map as below.

Palia’s Market Chapaa Chase Event

Chapaa Chase also triggers as a mini-game once per night at the market where all players chase down the Chapaas and return them to the pen. Catching all Chapaas before the market closes can be tricky when other players are also trying to catch them, and players may note the overall counter at the top of the screen. To catch them all, it can be best to linger near the entrance areas, but a couple of Chapaas also appear near the trees close to the pier. For every Chapaa caught, players receive 10 Chapaa Chase tickets, which are exchangeable for prizes like plushies at the Chapaa Chase Prize Store near Kenyatta’s stall.

Other things to do at Palia’s Maji Market include:

  • Buying food, plushies, and other souvenirs at the various stalls.
  • Pose for some photo booth snaps behind the character cut-outs.
  • Interact with and play the drums on the pier, where players can also fish.
  • There’s also a wardrobe to change outfits, a tool upgrade station, and a fast-travel point to make a quick exit when the market ends.

Palia Maji Market Rewards

Palia’s Maji Market event has over 50 prizes, treats, and souvenirs to discover, including 8 plushies. After visiting Palia’s market for the first time, players are awarded the Maji market moon banner, which they can use to decorate their home. Other rewards include:

  • Chapaa Hut
  • Fun Guy Plush (rewarded for completing Kenyatta’s Cravings event quest)
  • Delaila’s Rolled Ice Cream (by completing Delaila’s Spare Parts event quest)
  • Reth’s Mochi Ice Cream (Reth’s Ice Cream Machine Parts event quest)
  • Maji Market Arch (Make Eshe Smile event quest)

As the Maji Market event runs for several weeks, there is plenty of time to head back for other goodies and treats that players might want to buy with their hard-earned, in-game Palia gold, such as food and other market souvenirs. Palia is currently available in Open Beta on PC. It will fully release on PC and Nintendo Switch at a later date.

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