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Guide de l’heure de mise en lumière de Vulpix dans Pokemon GO : Vulpix peut-il être brillant ?

Quick Links Pokemon GO: Vulpix Spotlight Hour and Bonuses

Quick Links Pokemon GO: Vulpix Spotlight Hour and Bonuses

Pokemon GO: Can Vulpix Be Shiny?

August’s first Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour features the Six Tails Pokemon, Vulpix. Players can encounter multiple Vulpix during the one-hour event and catch as many as they want. Vulpix is a solo Fire-type Pokemon with a stat spread of 96 (ATK), 109 (DEF), and 116 (STA), and its best moveset combines Quick Attack and Weather Ball (6.12 DPS).



Pokemon GO trainers might wonder if they can get a Shiny Vulpix. Most Shiny hunters are constantly looking for new and unique Shiny variants, and this monster will be a perfect addition to the list. Shiny Vulpix is available to catch, and players can encounter multiple variants during the Spotlight Hour. This guide discusses everything about the Vulpix Spotlight Hour and Shiny Vulpix encounter.

Pokemon GO: Vulpix Spotlight Hour and Bonuses

Vulpix Spotlight Hour starts Tuesday, August 1, at 6:00 PM Local Time and ends after an hour on Tuesday, August 1, at 7:00 PM Local Time. Vulpix spawns at an increased frequency during the hour, and players will receive 2× Pokemon GO Evolution XP as a bonus for the event. Vulpix is a solo Fire-type, making it resistant to Bug, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Steel-type attacks. In contrast, it is weak against Ground, Rock, and Water-type moves. Although the Pokemon has a max Pokemon GO CP of 998, once it evolves into a Ninetales, it becomes of the best contenders in its power league. Players only require 50 Candy to evolve their Vulpix into a Ninetales.

Pokemon GO: Can Vulpix Be Shiny?

During the Spotlight Hour event, Vulpix spawns at an increased rate in the wild compared to regular times. This event also lets players get their hands on the mesmerizing Shiny Vulpix. To improve the chances of a Shiny Vulpix encounter, players should aim to catch as many Vulpix as possible. The probability of a Shiny spawn depends on the spawn rate of its regular version; the more regular variant players encounter, the higher the chances of a Shiny spawn. Trainers should properly utilize different Pokemon GO items to boost Pokemon spawn rate. Lure Modules, Incense, and the Weather Boost function can drastically increase Pokemon spawn rate. Using these elements, one can quickly get their hands on a Shiny Vulpix, and evolving it will result in a Shiny Ninetales.

The Weather Boost function is a specific weather attribute tied to an individual Pocket Monster. Different Pokemon experience a boost in their prowess and spawn rate at different weather conditions. In Vulpix’s case, the monster’s spawn rate increases in Sunny weather. It is beneficial for players to Shiny hunt Vulpix in such areas.

One can even stack the effects of different items upon the Weather Boost’s effect. To achieve it, trainers must locate a Pokemon GO Gym or PokeStop with Sunny Weather. Once found, attach a Lure Module to it, activate an Incense, and walk around the area. This strategy will stack the individual effects on each other and drastically boost Vulpix’s spawn rate. Players can get the Incense and Lure Modules through the Pokemon GO store. However, it’s important to note that the game does not guarantee a Shiny encounter; everything depends upon the Shiny spawn rate and luck.

Pokemon GO is available to play on Android and iOS devices.

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