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Remnant 2: La meilleure construction pour les chasseurs

The Hunter class returns in Remnant 2 as one of the new playable Archetypes

The Hunter class returns in Remnant 2 as one of the new playable Archetypes

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Remnant 2 Hunter Build

Hunters are all about guns and long-range shooting. What they lack in defensive skills is compensated for by buffs and passive effects that greatly increase their effectiveness with all guns. When paired with the Gunslinger Archetype, they form the Sharpshooter, a class that’s unrivaled when it comes to firearm usage. This guide focuses on the Hunter as the main Archetype while making good use of all benefits the Gunslinger has to offer.

Dead-to-Rights Sharpshooter Loadout

Main Archetype: Hunter

Secondary Archetype: Gunslinger

Main Skill: Hunter’s Mark

Secondary Skill: Bulletstorm

Long Gun Setup

Huntmaster M1 +20 Battery Mutator

Time Lapse Mod

Hand Gun Setup

Enigma +10 Refunder


Ankh of Power


Ring of Flawed Beauty

Stone of Expanse

Zania’s Malice

Point Focus Ring

Sharpshooters gain a passive +65% bonus to Ranged Damage and +15% Weakspot Damage if Hunter and Gunslinger are both Level 10, making this Archetype combo the best when it comes to using guns. Hunter’s Mark and Bulletstorm are also incredibly strong against bosses, especially with the Dead-to-Rights Prime Perk that allows Hunter’s Mark to stay active for the entirety of the fight.

There are a ton of good weapons for this build, but players don’t have to stray away from the starting Huntmaster M1 rifle if they want a high-DPS weapon. With the Battery Mutator, Ring of Flawed Beauty, and Zania’s Malice, it can reach ludicrously high Weakspot Damage numbers. It does fall short when it comes to enemies that have no Weakspots, but the Enigma is more than capable of handling those targets. Point Focus Ring is here for its 35% recoil reduction effect. It becomes extremely helpful whenever players use Bulletstorm as the Huntmaster’s recoil can be a bit hard to control once it starts firing faster than normal. The Time Lapse mod is the perfect complement for Weakspot-centric builds as it freezes enemies in place, making Weakspot hits much easier to land. This may not work on bosses, however, so players may want to change to Hot Shot or Corrosive Rounds if needed.

The Hunter’s other skills are strong on paper, but they work best in group situations where other players can take the aggro. Using them is possible in solo play, but that’s usually reserved for a hybrid Hunter/Summoner or Hunter/Invader build.

Remnant 2 is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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