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La Massacre à la Tronçonneuse du Texas : Conseils pour échapper à la carte de la maison de la famille

The family house in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The iconic location that sends shivers down fans’ spines

The family house in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre is arguably the most iconic location in the original movie, and it’s been expertly recreated for the game version, which ticks a box of things fans want from the game. It sends shivers down the spines of fans of the classic 1974 horror epic when the house appears in the game, especially when the sun shines upon it.

The game takes place in April 1973

The game takes place in April 1973, months before the events of the movie, and it sees a group of young victims getting caught up in the fiendish actions of Leatherface and his deranged family members. The asymmetrical horror game chooses to put the player directly into the shoes of the victim as they are tied up and must escape the family house before they are caught and preyed upon.

6 Basement

The family round of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre starts with the victim captured in the cells in the basement. A terrifying start to an escape mission begins as the victims must free themselves from the chains without making too much noise. If the noise meter goes to red, the family will figure out someone is trying to escape, and they’ll stop preparing their special meat to collect more produce for their main meal. Newly freed from the chains that kept the victim under duress, the next step will involve familiarizing one’s self with the surroundings and finding an appropriate escape route to take. There are five exit doors to choose from, so find a lock pick, take a maximum of two tools, and run for dear life to the ground level.

5 Family House

The iconic family house is now in sight, so don’t get distracted by seeing one of the most famous locations in horror history, and get ready to find an escape exit. The exits will all be locked and have electric fences on them. Particular items are needed to aid the escape from the family house, but these items vary depending on which exit the victim chooses to take. Watch out for Grandpa as he will be loitering in the living room, or the dining room. The victim might need to venture upstairs, which is a scary prospect as this is where the family members’ rooms are located. However, this is where to find fuse boxes and other items for the escape.

4 Car Graveyard

The car graveyard doesn’t sound like a nice place to escape from, but it’s necessary to progress in the game. In this graveyard area, there’s a gate that is electrified, so the victim must go to the back porch in order to get into the car graveyard. The next step on the road to survival is to find a car that is connected to the gate, and then cut the power supply to the gate by turning off the battery. A tool will be needed to get the gate open, but once this is done players will be closer to escaping.

3 Fusebox Tunnel Basement

This escape route is through the basement, and the player needs to get a fuse from one of the rooms in the house to aid them and their friends. Use a tool to open the fuse box, then complete the puzzle to open it. Usually, two locations have fuses in them, and there’s one location area where the fuse box will be. Fuses can be found in the Dining, Sitting, Living, and Bone rooms, and the fuse boxes could be in either the luggage, upper storage, or the Hitchhiker’s bedroom, which is by far the creepiest location to have to go in for this escape method.

2 Driveway

The rear of the house gives the victim this potential route for escaping via the driveway which leads out of the property. But it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. The resourceful hunters have generators set up that power up electrified pipes at the end of the driveway, so the victim must find these generators and essentially break them any way they can. The generators will be located in either the front field or the barn. Once this task is complete, exit the driveway and taste freedom.

1 Pressure Valve

The back of the house is where the victim will find the pressure valve exit via this location. If an escape is to be attempted via this route, it will involve some expertise in overloading the pressure valve connected to the gate. Use a tool to get the handle off, then head to the pump and turn the handle. Freedom awaits the victim when they exit the gate.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is out now and available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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