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Pokemon GO : Les meilleurs Pokemon pour l’édition Fantasy Cup Ultra League

Article: Quick Links The Best Pokemon for the Fantasy Cup

Quick Links: The Best Pokemon for the Fantasy Cup

The Best Pokemon for the Fantasy Cup

Based on the PvP data, the META Pokemon in the Fantasy Cup (Ultra Edition) are Registeel, Tapu Fini, Slurpuff, and Flygon (Shadow). However, Trainers would also benefit from Giratina (Altered), Weezing (Galarian), and Lucario in their teams.

The Best Teams for the Fantasy Cup

A budget team for the Pokemon GO Fantasy Cup is Flygon, Weezing (Galarian), and Registeel. In this lineup, the lead absorbs initial damage, saving up shields. And Weezing (Galarian) destroys the enemy’s Fairy-Type swap, while Registeel is the flex choice to finish off the match.

Alternatively, Trainers can also run a Giratina (Altered), Escavalier, and Lucario team for the 2023 Fantasy Cup. But for a triple-Steel roster, players are recommended to go with Escavalier, Melmetal, and Perrserker. Galarian Weezing with Sludge Bomb move is the ideal Pokemon for taking out Fairy Types in the league.

Tips for Winning Every Fantasy Cup Ultra Match

Follow these instructions to dominate the Fantasy Cup event: Start with a tank lead. Since most Fantasy Cup teams are damage-oriented, negating the opponent’s deadliest moves with a high-power Pokemon is best. Hold on to the shields. Defending against the last batch of specials is crucial to winning the match. Have a flexible swap. A Steel-Type switch is excellent for countering unexpected enemy swaps. This is because Steels can resist both Fairy and Dragon reliably.

Fantasy Cup Ultra League Edition Rules

In the 2023 Ultra League Edition of the Fantasy Cup, players must only use Steel, Fairy, and Dragon Pokemon with a max CP of 2,500. Additionally, they will need to avoid Galarian Stunfisk and Cobalion to be eligible for the event. The Fantasy Cup (Ultra League Edition) started on August 17 and will end on August 24. Pokemon GO is available now for mobile devices.

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