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Starfield : Faut-il commencer par les quêtes principales ?

Article: Quick Links Should Players Focus on the Main Storyline? When Is the Best Time to Start NG+? The Ideal Strategy for Playing Starfield

Quick Links Should Players Focus on the Main Storyline? When Is the Best Time to Start NG+? The Ideal Strategy for Playing Starfield

Side-questing in advance has been the norm for beating Bethesda games.

However, there appears to be a shift with the introduction of Starfield, the new space sandbox from the company. Even before its release, Starfield made players speculate whether it would be a main-quest-first RPG.



But now that the game is out, players are divided into two groups: one advocates for rushing through the main quests, while the other encourages against it. With that said, this guide provides the definitive answer regarding whether players should prioritize Starfield’s main quests.

Should Players Focus on the Main Storyline?

Considering Starfield’s sandbox and RPG elements, it’s best not to rush the main quests. However, players are advised to complete the first five missions before fully immersing themselves in farming, leveling up, and tackling side quests. This is because the campaign unlocks crucial gameplay elements that cannot be achieved through other means. Complete these main quests before exploring Starfield’s universe:

  • One Small Step
  • The Old Neighborhood
  • The Empty Nest
  • Back to Vectera
  • Into the Unknown

According to the game’s developers, the true gameplay experience in Starfield begins after several dozen hours, leaving fans to question whether they should complete the main story first. However, while progressing through the main quests unlocks intriguing mechanics, it does not revolutionize the gameplay. Even worse, starting a New Game Plus will reset players’ entire progress, except for their levels, skills, and powers.

When Is the Best Time to Start NG+?

Initiating New Game Plus only makes sense when players are done with sandboxing and exploration. Like previous Bethesda games, Starfield has an extensive library of hidden features and alternative paths players may overlook if they jump straight into the NG+. The point of NG+ is to give players another chance to achieve different outcomes. But rushing to it would only mean missing out on many captivating interactions and possibilities.

Despite the potential missed content, it is still recommended for players to try out Starfield’s New Game Plus, as it ties into the story. With each campaign completion, carried-over abilities enhance, gradually but surely altering the gameplay experience.

The Ideal Strategy for Playing Starfield

Save-scumming before the NG+ is the best way to beat Starfield. By doing so, players can easily revert their progress if necessary, all without sacrificing the story. To uncover every hidden gameplay secret, advance the campaign until reaching the late-game missions. Then, focus on completing all remaining side quests and activities. This way, the New Game Plus will serve as an opportunity to explore alternative paths, experience different outcomes, and experiment with new mechanics.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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