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Starfield : Guide pas à pas pour semer la discorde

Within Starfield’s Settled Systems – Article

Within Starfield’s Settled Systems

Ryujin Industries in Neon

Within Starfield’s Settled Systems, few factions hold more influence and authority than Ryujin Industries in Neon. Like many other factions throughout the game, players can join them and engage in a unique faction questline. As masters of interstellar commerce, much of the work undertaken by Ryujin involves corporate espionage and the defaming of certain market opponents. Unlike the more ideologically motivated United Colonies and Freestar Collective factions, the only thing important to Ryujin is gaining substantial amounts of credits – by almost any means necessary.

Access Is Key Mission

Following on from the mission “Access Is Key”, in which players had to steal a keycard from the Security Chief in HopeTown, Imogen tells the player that it is time to step things up a notch, and sends them on a covert operation in the Astral Lounge. This nightclub, located in Neon, is a popular hangout for people from all over the Settled Systems and is the only place where people can legally buy and consume the illicit hallucinogen, Aurora.

Mission Preparation

In preparation for the mission, Imogen will provide the player with a dossier on each member of an upcoming business meeting. It is the player’s job to revise these notes and then speak with both parties in an attempt to sabotage any chances of a deal. In addition to this, players must also swap out a presentation from one of the booths in the club to ensure that things go as badly as possible for the meeting. Imogen will also provide the player with a Fitted Business Suit which must be equipped for the mission. Reading the dossiers will unlock additional speech options for players when interacting with the meeting’s participants, so it is well worth doing this additional research rather than taking a gamble to try and persuade them.

Zola Adisa

The first of the participants players will need to speak to and discourage is Zola Adisa. She can be found in the main area of the club sitting on a sofa looking out across the dance floor. Players can speak her and convince her business not to partner with Cruz’s. By reading the dossiers, players will gain talking points to mention during the conversation. During persuade events, these will appear at the top of the list with a light blue color next to them. This indicates that these are unique dialogue options associated with the quest. Failing this, it is still possible to convince her by using the other options, but players will need a high Persuasion skill level in order to do so.

Arthur Cruz

The final step in sabotaging the meeting is to speak to Arthur Cruz. When talking to Cruz, the option to mention Ininity LTD’s fabricated profits will come up, as well as the option to compare their numbers with Ryujin Industries. For players who have read the dossiers, this should be enough to change Arthur’s mind and discourage him from the deal.

Mission Completion

Having sown doubts in both Arthur and Zola, as well as swapped out Nina’s presentations for Imogen’s altered version, players will have finished all objectives and can report back to Imogen at Ryujin Headquarters. Players who complete the mission stealthily without error will also receive a bonus in credits upon completion.

Starfield Availability

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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