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Starfield : Comment récolter les minéraux et les gaz

Setting up a mining operation in Starfield

Setting up a mining operation is one of the best ways to get raw resources in Starfield. It saves players the hassle of traveling from one general goods store to another, and it’s the cherry on top for explorers who love building and decorating outposts across the Settled Systems.



How to Mine Minerals and Harvest Gas

First, players will need to find a planet that contains the resources they want to collect. Before landing on a planet, make sure to scan it first in order to see what resource spawns in which region. Then, select an appropriate landing zone, step out of the ship, and get ready to survey the area.

Instead of using a Cutter for minerals or interacting with dangerous gas vents, players should instead place an outpost beacon and build extractors over raw resource deposits. The type of resource extractors harvest depends on the land or deposit they are built on, so make sure to double-check which mineral is available over a patch of land first before building.

Extractors and Storage Containers

Extractors will harvest things on their own slowly over time. Any harvested resource will be stored in their very limited personal inventories; when these are full, extractors will stop working. To prevent this, make sure to connect extractors to storage units.

Go into outpost building mode and place down either a mineral or gas storage container based on what extractors are harvesting. Extractors and storage containers must be linked to each other in order for excess resources to be stored properly. To do this, aim at an extractor, then press the Create Output Link button shown at the bottom of the screen (RMB by default for keyboard users). Connect the extractor to a storage container, then any extra materials will automatically be transferred to whichever of the two has space.

Multiple containers of the same type can all be connected to one another to create a daisy chain of storage space. To do this, link an extractor to a container, then link that container to a different one. Repeat until the desired amount of containers is met. Players don’t need to link the extractor to multiple different containers. It’s best to create a single chain that flows neatly between individual containers to reduce visual clutter and avoid confusion while building.

As the image above shows, the extractor is connected to Container 1, which is then connected to Container 2. The output link then chains to the third, fourth, and fifth containers to create a clean chain that’s easy on the eyes.

Build and use Transfer Containers to easily move resources between outposts and a docked ship.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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