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Les meilleures cannes à pêche dans Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, classées par ordre de mérite.

The sheer number of unique weapons and items in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will boggle a player’s mind as they explore the ravaged world of Hyrule, figuring out exactly what they can use to take out the bevy of enemies who want Link’s head on a platter. The game can be pretty challenging early on when Link barely has any health and isn’t really decked out with impressive equipment.



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However, over time, Link will find an array of weaponry in Breath of the Wild that will help him take out the strongest enemies without any problems. These include the magical rods that Wizzrobes to cause the player a ton of frustration. Beating these teleporting mages nets Link their wands, which differ in power and usefulness.

6 Ice Rod

There are three elements in Breath of the Wild, all of which are useful in their own way. Ice is a pretty helpful element that players can use to freeze enemies in their tracks, giving Link a free shot to wallop these enemies and potentially take them out in one blow! The Ice Rod can prove to be quite useful in this regard, letting players shoot out a chilly orb that will damage and freeze any enemy caught in this magic. While this weapon is fine against a single enemy, things get more complicated if Link has to deal with multiple foes who are closing in on him, since the Ice Rod won’t be really effective in this situation.

5 Fire Rod

Fire Wizzrobes can be pretty annoying to deal with, with their attacks setting Link ablaze and taking out a chunk of his health. As a result, it becomes important to deal with this enemy first before moving on to any other foe in a group. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than being in the middle of a satisfying combo, only to be interrupted by this wizard’s fire orb.

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Beating these enemies lets players use the Fire Rod for themselves, which is an easy way to set fire to enemies from a distance. There’s something oddly cathartic about seeing enemies flail about in a panic as they try to quench the flames wreathing, allowing Link to sow discord within enemy ranks before switching over to a more damaging weapon and taking out these compromised foes in no time flat.

4 Lightning Rod

Lightning is one of the most useful elements that players can use in Breath of the Wild, with a single cast of this element causing enemies to get shocked to their very core as they inadvertently drop their weapons. Of course, the same applies to Link, and players should take out and Lightning Wizzrobes whenever they encounter them as soon as possible.

This weapon is a great way to force an enemy to drop their weapon, letting Link grab them up quickly and forcing their enemies into a corner as they have no weapons to hit their adversary with! The sheer amusement that players can enjoy by using the Lightning Rod in battle more than makes it worth using in battle.

3 Blizzard Rod

While the base rods in Breath of the Wild are pretty impressive in their own right, they end up losing their luster over time as players move on to bigger, better, and more efficient weapons. As a result, the rods also needed to evolve to give players a reason to check them out, and the Blizzard Rod certainly shows what a high-power Ice magic weapon can accomplish.

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Unlike the measly one orb that is unleashed by the Ice Rod, the Blizzard Rod shoots out three orbs in one swipe, freezing multiple enemies without too many problems. It’s a great crowd-control weapon that players can whip whenever a combat scenario ends up becoming way more chaotic than it should be, giving players some breathing room as these aggressive enemies are frozen solid for a while to be toyed around with.

2 Meteor Rod

The Meteor Rod is basically a version of the Fire Rod that’s on steroids. It shoots out three fireballs that can set multiple enemies ablaze, sending them into a panic and making it easy for Link to take them out without too many problems. The Meteo Wizzrobes who wield this weapon can be pretty threatening to deal with, and players should engage them from a distance and try to land a headshot to take out these enemies instead. Fighting them head-on can be more trouble than it’s worth, especially if players get burned to a crisp over and over again.

1 Thunderstorm Rod

Using lightning to shock and incapacitate enemies is always enjoyable in Breath of the Wild. What makes things even better is the fact that players can use this element when it’s raining to magnify its effects, causing multiple people to get caught up in its shockwave. While the regular Lightning Rod works well enough in this context, things change for the better with the advent of the Thunderstorm Rod, which is a huge upgrade in every way.

Unleashing a wealth of orbs and shocking every enemy around Link makes for a really fun time, with combat turning into a display of skill with this weapon!

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